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Swimming Pool Leak Detection Service

Midland - Perth Western Australia

Replacement and Supply of skimmer box's; All Types

1, Fibre-glass Pools

2, Liner-ed concrete Pools

3, Concrete tiled Pools, Pebble Cretesize, line height, colour and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.


We can conduct the excavation and cut of concrete surround slabs if required.

Blockages and cavitation;

Utilizing sonar systems we can pin point Blockages with under ground pluming systems.

Plumbing repairs and replacement;

We conduct any type of Plumbing repairs.

Fibre-Glass repairs and gel coats;

Able to drain, Brace and conduct Fiberglass repairs to swimming pools in-house.

Scuba Dive Tech Qualified;

Equipped to conduct underwater repairs in all weather Winter and Summer with under water drills and tools. Under water Divers can conduct underwater testing and repairs using a range of Plugs, Fittings and underwater adhesives.